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Good Link: Wired guide on speaker placement

Wired has a wiki page dedicated to setting up your speakers (and room) for optimal sound.  It's a good introductory piece if you want a general guide on placement for your loudspeakers.  Speaker placement is a critical element of optimizing a the acoustics of a space, and is a zero-cost way to improve your sound, assuming you don't have to purchase speaker stands.  Before you do anything else to treat your room, take some time to place your speakers properly.

Basic rules of thumb:

  • Speakers form an equilateral triangle with listener's head
  • Tweeter at or near ear height
  • No speakers close to walls if at all possible

While there is a bit of questionable advice here (read: "get one of the entry-level Monster cables"), most of it is basically solid and generally applicable.

Wired How-To Wiki: How to Set Up Your Speakers


Poor Man’s Acoustic Treatment Part 2: Quieter PC

Technically this post isn't about acoustic treatment per se, but the ideas here serve the same purpose.  Most people working with (or even just listening to) sound today rely on computers to some extent, if not completely.  If you have audible noise coming out of your PC, it might be worth a little time, effort, and cash to minimize it, especially if you record in the same room.  A studio with a loud computer in it is always going to be a lousy place to monitor, mix, or record, no matter how much acoustic treatment the room has.

NOTE: The advice in this piece involves cracking open your computer and monkeying around.  This is a good way to break your computer and possibly lose data.  If you're not comfortable with this, please avoid doing anything described in this post! Proceed at your own risk.

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