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Nutrition Facts

This is the Sonic Homework Blog.  We promise to serve up the following proportions of information via our blog:

Serving size: 1+ posts per week

  • < 10%    ...   PR /Company announcements / Promotions
  • 40%       ...   Relevant links, news and resources from the music/audio world
  • 30%       ...    Original, informational (non-sales-y) articles by Sonic Homework
  • 20%       ...    Other appropriate posts, Red #5, monosodium glutamate

pie chart for the nutrition facts

We hope that this looks healthy enough to subscribe to!

The Sonic Homework blog is the official blog of Sonic Homework LLC.  Sonic Homework is dedicated to helping people find good ways to improve their sound.  That could mean making beats in a bedroom, or foley recording in a $1MM studio.  If you have something to say to us, we're listening.  Drop us a line at

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